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Social Networks: markets and brands.

By: Juan Peláez
The importance of social networks for brands and products is reflected in how every day more companies are present in online networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we believe Social networks are here to change the way we interact with the products we use daily and the companies that make them, in this article from the social media lounge series we present our ideas about it.

About Social Networks

By: Juan Peláez
Today more and more people spend more time online than watching TV or reading newspapers and magazines. In 3Metas we see this as the evolution of the concept of social networks that applies in the real world. This article develops the theoretical basis on which to 3Metas believe that online social networks are here to stay and continue to evolve creating huge business opportunities.

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  • LxF Poll

    Customer since: April 2010 – June 2010. Project: Facebook App design and development Technology: Flash, Actionscript, ASP.Net, Facebook API, MySQL,

  • Council of American Enterprises

    Redesign and development building a better information architecture, looking for a modern and easy interface.

  • Vargas Lleras - Presidente 2010-2014 sitio web rediseñado

    Vargas Lleras for President

    Digital Strategy based in political marketing, social network positioning, site development, site redesign, among others.

  • Vive Gobierno en línea Micrositio rediseñado

    Vive Gobierno en línea

    Digital strategy for this program lead by the Communications Ministery, brand positioning on the social networks and redesign of their web presence.

  • Gr Chía

    Software development to integrate in real time all of the communication processes of this flower production company.

  • Metis

    Software development to improve the processed information from the customer service at Sofasa-Renault.

  • Flores de Funza

    Development of custom software based on usability analysis for a real-time information system of the company post-harvest information.


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